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Eyes Relax

Eyes Relax0.86

Flexible application to help rest strained eyes

If you spend your days working at a computer, you have to be sure to rest your eyes regularly. Eyes Relax, somewhat unsurprisingly, is designed to help you do that.Once installed and running it will sit in the system tray, from where you can open...
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  • by Anonymous

    Wonderful software to relax.. It,s simple and wonderful. It really helps, and it is not intrusive. Pros: It is a fail safe program to relax. Cons: Make the time to relax adjustable.

  • by Anonymous

    Great app but has side effects . Fantastic & user friendly app which you can customize to remind you to stop & move your eyes around or stretch or do your Kegels or whatever. You can customize it to appear at any interval and for the break to be as long as you want. However, after I installed it, my taskbar got all screwed up - volume and other icons had disappeared and I couldn't More

  • by Anonymous

    Good Helping Software For Everyone FREE !!. Kindess motivation, great ideas, good creation, nice software, the most important are its 100% FREE !!! This software has helping me remember to rest my eyes when I am using my computer all the time. Thank you alot !!!